What is Active Directory Domain Service

What is Active Directory Domain Service:

The Active Directory Domain Service database stores information on user identity, computers, groups, services and resources.
Active Directory Domain Service domain controllers also host the service that authenticates user and computer accounts when they log on to the domain.

Purpose of Active Directory Domain Service:

  1. Provides User Logon and Authentication Services using Kerberos protocol.
  2. To Centralize and Decentralize the resource management.
  3. To centrally organize and manage User Accounts, Computers, Groups and Network Resources.
  4. Enables authorized Users to easily locate Network Resources.

What is Domain?

  1. Domain is a logical grouping of user, computer and group objects for the purpose of management and secutiry.
  2. Creating the initial domain controller in a network also creates the domain- we cannt have a domain without at least one domain controller.
  3. Each domain is identified by DNS domain.
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