What is Domain Controller

What is Domain Controller and Why:

  • A Domain Controller is a server that is configured to store a copy of the AD DS(Active Directory Domain Services) directory database(NTDS.DIT) and a copy of the SYSVOL folder.
  • All Domain Controllers except RODC(Read Only Domain Controllers) store a read/write copy of both NTDS.DIT and the SYSVOL folder.
  • NTDS>DIT is the database itself and the SYSVOL folder contains all the template settings for GPOs.
  • Domain Controller host several other Active Directory related services, including the Kerberos authetication service and Key Distribution Center(KDC).
  • Kerberos authetication service is used by User and Computer accounts for logon authentication.
  • Key Distribution Center(KDC) is the service that issues the ticket-granting ticket(TGT) to an account that log on to the AD DS domain.
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